Novelty Trips

Nature & Eco-Tours

Novelty ToursThe waters off Destin are teeming with a wide array of marine life near our shores to include turtles, dolphins, rays, sharks, jellyfish, and other cool stuff. If your interests are to get out on the water to see some unique creatures, or merely to experience our Gulf’s natural habitat and awesome beauty, our expert crew will be happy to host your group on a customized on-water eco-tour.

Shark Fishing

You don’t have to wait for “Shark Week” to roll around each year on TV to experience the thrill of the illusive sharks. Witness first hand the majesty, mystery, and excitement of sharks through a customized shark fishing adventure. Generally, this is a catch and release fishing expedition that will test the strength of the best of anglers, and leave you with stories that will last a lifetime.  Go at night and really get the “full experience.”

joemarlinExtended Voyage

In search of “Big Game” trophy fish, an extended overnight voyage may be right up your alley. Requiring a minimum of 18 hours, you will depart at night headed to your hunting grounds. Don’t worry, we have enough bunks aboard for all to get a little “shut eye” before the action begins.   You will wake to experience the “first bite” of the day … plus much more.

Night Fishing

It’s a whole different world fishing during the day versus venturing out at night. The sights, the smells, the marine behaviors…it’s an exciting, eerie mix of sensory delights. If you have always wanted to experience the mystery of night fishing, give Captain Don a call and he’ll discuss a range of customized options for you to consider.

Tournament Competition

tourney-teamDestin hosts a number of exciting fishing tournaments throughout the year– from Cobia tournaments in the Spring, to Big Game Classics in the Summer, to the Destin Fishing Rodeo held each October.  If you’re up to some fun competition, come join the Team SURE LURE on one of our tournament adventures.  No experience necessary.

Catch & Release

Just as its name suggests, “Catch & Release” fishing is when you hook and land a fish (catch) and then release it back to the water once at the boat. For those who want to experience the thrill of sport fishing (and perhaps get a quick photo with your fish), but do not necessarily want to keep the catch, our crew will work with you to safely release your fish once you land them. Just let us know if “catch and release” is your thing, and our crew will be judicious to minimize the impacts on the fish upon the catch, landing, and ultimately release.

For More Information, Call Captain Don Dineen (850) 376-8399